Arizona has a lot to offer!  It is the 48th State of the Union, however, it's the sixth in size.  With 113,998 square miles from border to border and most of it has no population.  The State is 400 miles long and 310 miles wide and contains 22.3 million acres of Deserts, Mountains, Trees and great places to ride.  One of the oldest settlements in the United States is Orabi located about 90 miles northeast of Flagstaff which has been occupied since 500 A.D.  There are also a lot of Ghost Towns in Arizona that are great to visit while touring the state and best enjoyed from the seat of a Street Eagle Motorcycle.


The highest elevation is 12,634 feet at Mount Humphries Peak near Flagstaff and the lowest is at 70 feet above sea level on the Colorado River that flows through the base of the Parker Dam.  Rain Fall is seven (7) inches a year in the Desert Areas and the highest recorded temp was 128 degrees Fahrenheit in Lake Havasu back in June of 1994.

Some of the Great Places to see when leaving our Rental Store in Scottsdale, AZ...the ride to Wickenburg to Sedona up Highway 74/60/89A, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff (Arizona has the largest length of the original Route 66 still in place in the US), Grand Canyon South and North Rims, Vermilion Cliffs, Canyon De Chelly, Monument Valley, Painted Desert, Petrified Forrest, Route 666 (The Devils Highway containing 1000 Curves in 29 miles), Apache Country - Fort Apache, Tombstone (Gun fight at OK Corral), Old Mining Towns of Bisbee and Tucson.  Among Arizona's many attractions are the Biosphere and Ruins located in Tucson.  The newest attractions to the Scottsdale, AZ area are the Butterfly Wonderland and Odysea of the Desert.